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European Dragonfly Links

AEH.Matthias Hartung: Odonata-Homepage
Antoine's Dragonfly Homepage
The checklist of the Italian dragonflies by Costantino D'Antonio
Czech Odonata
Danish Dragonflies by Erland Refling
Dragonflies in Essex
Dragonfly Ireland
Finnish Dragonflies, by Salmi Karjalainen
Finnish odonata
Moorhen Home Page, a few nice photos and information about some dragonflies in UK
Ordine Odonati, Odonates of Sicily
Odonatology Homepage, by Günter Bechly
Sardinian Macro photography by Salvatore Spano
Shetland Wildlife pages_Insects
Slovene Dragonfly Society

North American Dragonfly Links

a.dragonfly by Anita Ashford
American Dragonfly names
California Dragonflies and Damselflies, by Kathy Biggs
Charles A. Bridges, III Insect Collection
The Dragonflies of Alaska
Dragonflies of the Family Aeshnidae in British Columbia
Dragonflies of the north woods by Kurt Mead
Dragonfly Biodiversity University of Puget sound
Endangered Species, Facts about Hine's Emerald Dragonfly
Essig Museum of Entomology
Hawaiian Damselflies
Maine's Damselfly and Dragonfly Survey (MDDS)
Mich Odonata List
Michigan Odonata Survey
North American Dragonfly Migration Project
Ode News Dragonfly news form Massachusetts
The Odonata of Idaho
Odonata Larvae of Michigan
Odonata recorded from the E.S.George Reserve, Michigan
Odonate Research at UTA, University of Texas Arlington
Ohio Odonata Survey
Primary types in the Ohio State University Insect Collection, Odonata
Research interests of D. Paulson, Washington
TAES, Texas A&M, Tarleton State Researchers Study How Water Quality Influences Dragonfly Populations

South-, Central American, Mexican and West Indian Dragonfly Links

Costa Rican Odonata
Odonata del Cerro Guaiquinima, Venezuela
Odonata of Mexico
Odonata of South America, by country
Odonata of the West Indies, by island or island group

Asian Dragonfly Links

Middle Eastern odonata
Scientific Research in the Middle East, by Wolfgang Schneider

African Dragonfly Links

Australian and New Zealand Dragonfly Links

James Cook University Zoology Odonata page
New Zealand Odonata Pictures
Uropetala carovei in New Zealand

Dragonfly Society Links

2001 Dragonfly Society of the Americas Annual Meeting
The British Dragonfly Society
Nordic Odonatological Society
Worldwide Dragonfly Association (WDA)

Dragonfly Newsletter links

Entomology Events Calendar
SymnetJapanese newsletter
To join an interesting on-line dragonfly discussion join the mailing list Odonata. Send an e-mail to Dennis Paulson dpaulson@ups.edu to join.

Academic Dragonfly links

Brad Anholt, University of British Columbia
Mike L. May, Rutgers University
Richard Rowe, James Cook University
Wolfgang Schneider

Miscellaneous Dragonfly Links

Boninthemis insularis stamp
Cool Facts from hamilton harbour
Dragonfly alcoholic drink
Dragonflies and Phosphorus in the Permian
Dragonfly t-shirt for sale, by the National Wildlife Federation
Two Odonata Citations in Ancient Mesopotamian Literature

General Dragonfly Links

Dragonfly by Dragonfly Dream
James Cook University Zoology Odonata page
LYNX homepage, Environmental links
The Odonata, general odonata information
Odonata families in the UMMZ Collection
Odonata taxonomy
Phylogenetic Systematics of Odonata
UD Entomology Home Page; Odonata
Tree of life, odonata

Dragonfly Photo and Picture Links

Butterflies and dragonflies by Henry Domke
Celtic style Dragonfly card
Digital Dragonfly, dragonfly photos produced with a scanner
Dragonflies in Hiroshima University Saijo Campus
Fossil Dragonfly
Frogz home some nice nature photos of birds, mammals and Dragonflies
Libellula cyanea
Megalarion Image Archive, dragonfly pictures from Hawaii
Natural History Photographs, by Cor Zonnevald
Nature Photography by Andy Harmer
Odonata Pictures Australia
Odonata Photo Archive
Petalura ingentissima, from Australia
Photos of Fossil Dragonflies, by Günter Bechly
Plathemis lydia
Riparian Insects
Sami Karjalainen's dragonfly photos
Stevem's Photo Gallery
Tadashi Kugo's Insect Photo Garden
UMMZ Odonata pictures
Walton Hall Nature Trail, dragonfly life cycle
Wire dragonfly great piece of art

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